Please, help us gather more informations about the situation in your countries. We'd like to ask you to fill as much as possible with all details that might be important for us to analyze the situation in your country.
Your team
Describe your team
Provide the name used by your team
People who are active, working on multiple things related to the team, influencing your team decisions etc.
Provide approximate number of volunteers who're helping in team work, but are not core members of the team (co-workers)
Year when the team was created
Which Mozilla related products your team localizes*
Comma separated list

According to Mozilla L10n policy (localizing Mozilla websites, press announcements etc.)
Is your team an official Mozilla Localization Team*
Do you feel that the language barier blocks your team from getting more involved in Mozilla project?
Do you consider the situation of your team better or worse than exactly one year ago?*
Did the situation (number of volunteers, level of activity, quality of work) change, fluctuate, or was stable
How would you describe the situation in your team during last year*
Is your team growing/shrinking/stable*
leader, firefox maintainer, QA person, spokeperson, press coverage person etc.
Do you have roles in your team?*
comma separated list
Did you have any personal conflicts in your team last year?*
Feel free to ignore names. We just want to know what kinds of conflicts happens

Do you cover press/media in your country?*
Do you feel you're doing good job about media coverage?

What is the official status of your group?

summary of your team

Mozilla key product localization
This section is related to Mozilla key products - Firefox and Thunderbird
lack of time, lack of resources, lack of knowledge, etc.
Do you feel like you're having any problems with Firefox/Thunderbird localization?
Are you worried that your team can have delays with Firefox/Thunderbird releases?
Wikipedia, OpenOffice, others...

Are you satisfied with the quality of your localization?
Website + hosting
Situation with web services and hosting
What elements of the web eco-system do you use"*
The Community Pack would be a set of web services that Mozilla would offer to local communities
If Mozilla would provide a support package for local communities, what elements would you like to use?
Local community
Questions related to local community
forum active members, bloggers, IRC folks, newsgroup people etc.
How many people (+/-) are there in the whole community*

describe the level of cooperation
Your community is:*
Do you consider the situation in your community better or worse than exactly one year ago?*
forums, IRC, newsgroups etc.
Do you provide user-to-user selfsupport for end-users?
ie. does it cover most of end-user support?
Does it work well?*
Are you satisfied with the quality of local community coverage?
approximate values are ok
How many people in your community are active Mozilla bughunters, developers, coders, testers?
approximate values are ok
How many people in your community have skills to code on Mozilla platform (XUL, JS, CSS, DOM etc.)

like LUG meetings, open source related conferences, etc?
Do you give talks (as a team) related to Mozilla on any meetings, conferences?
Will your team be represented on FOSDEM's MozDevRoom?
Do you organize any Mozilla related events (Firefox day, Mozilla local community meetings)?
Do you plan any Mozilla related event in your country this year that you'd like to invite Mozilla representant for?
Local market
approximate value is ok if you don't know exact one
Do you know about any big, business deployments of Mozilla technologies in your country?

portals, vortals, auction systems, search providers etc.
How does cooperation with key Internet web services in your country look like?

Do you support commercial companies related to Mozilla deployments? (or do you know about any company in your country that provides such support)
Do you see an interest in Mozilla platform technologies (Xulrunner etc.) in academic or business communities in your country?
Do you know of any Firefox/Thunderbird extensions created in your country?

Mozilla project
Questions related to Mozilla project, Mozilla entities and level of cooperation between those projects and your team.
How would you describe your cooperation with Mozilla Foundation?
How would you describe your cooperation with Mozilla Corporation?
How would you describe your cooperation with Mozilla Europe?